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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

The Friday Five: Aaron Reynolds

What do you get when you combine a love of 1960s Batman, a unique sense of humour, and a desire to share your inner world with complete strangers? You get BatLabels, a popular Twitter account that highlights the campiness of the Adam West-driven television version of Batman.

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Dry Erase Coloring Decal from BLIK

With their Dry Erase Coloring Decal, wall graphics retailer BLIK has given children and adult coloring book aficionados a perfect excuse to draw on walls.

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Star Wars FacTOYd

A piece of Star Wars merchandise sells on eBay every 14 seconds.

Collect These Figures and Accessories

Collect These Figures and Accessories is a nostalgic look back at Star Wars toy advertising between 1977 and 1986.

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Two Tune Music Box TV from Fisher-Price (1966)

Since its introduction in 1966, the Two Tune Music Box TV from Fisher-Price continues to entertain young children through its ease-of-play and simple design.

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Giant Wooden Words from Hammer Crown

Giant Wooden Words is a super-sized version of the game Scrabble, complete with a 39 x 39-inch game board and wooden tiles.

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Superman FacTOYd

The Kennedy administration asked DC Comics’ permission to include Superman in their health and fitness program.

The Friday Five: Adam Logan

What does it take to win a World Scrabble Championship and multiple Canadian Scrabble championships? Let’s ask Scrabble champion, Adam Logan.

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