Advertisement for Mattel's Flying Aces

Flying Aces by Mattel (1976)

Released in 1976, Mattel’s Flying Aces line of toy airplanes were made of TUFLITE — a lightweight, flexible, quasi-foam/plastic material that allowed them to glide through the air.

Star Wars Death Star Space Station from Kenner (1978)

In 1978, Kenner released the Star Wars Death Star Space Station, the first and one of the most coveted by collectors of playsets for the company’s iconic line of 3 ¾-inch action figures tied into the movie franchise.

Superman and Wonder Woman from Mego (1979)

“…with fly-away action.”

Ad for Ride-It Erector from Gilbert Toys

Ride-It Erector from Gilbert Toys (1965)

In 1965, Gilbert Toys released a super-sized Erector set that allowed junior Engineers to build rideable vehicles.

Francie from Mattel (1970)

“Discover a new kind of fashion doll.”

Betty Crocker Juicer/Blender from Kenner (1980)

Long before whipping up a batch of fruit smoothies became all the rage, Kenner released the Betty Crocker Juicer/Blender.

Micropolis from Mego (1978)

“As Micropolis grows, so does your child’s imagination.”

Saucy Walker Doll from Ideal (1951)

Released in 1951 by Ideal, Saucy Walker was advertised as a new “walking-flirting” counterpart to the company’s popular Toni doll.

Electronic Detective From Ideal Toy Company (1979)

“I had the case all figured out…”

Pretzel-Jetzel from Transogram (1965)

Make Zenzational pretzels with the Pretzel-Jetzel, the “jet-age” pretzel baker!

Robotix R2000 from Milton Bradley (1985)

“Who gives you robots to command? Robotix.”