LEGOLAND Space from LEGO (1981)

“To boldly go where no child has gone before.”

Duke, the Super Action Dog from Kenner (1974)

Before Kenner struck pay dirt with their Star Wars toy line, the company released a series different action figures that included a fully articulated canine named Duke.

Big Wheel Cobra Cycle from Marx (1979)

“Cobra, the beautiful black Big Wheel you can put your name on.”

Sea Wees from Kenner (1979)

In 1979, Kenner released Sea Wees, a new line of dolls crafted for use in and out of water.

Hot Wheels International Collector’s Catalog (1969)

Hot Wheels was introduced by Mattel in 1968 but its success was solidified with its 1969 releases. These models established the line as a leading brand of small die-cast car models in the United States.

Bionic Beauty Salon from Kenner Products (1976)

“We better check her bionic systems.”

Luscious Limbs from Pressman (1968)

In the 1960s, Pressman released Luscious Limbs, a wacky product that allowed children to “feast on edible ears and other parts of the body.”

Fonzie from Mego (1976)

“Fonzie’s cool, not a square.”

Gigantic Frankenstein from Aurora (1960s)

The Gigantic Frankenstein All Plastic Assembly Kit was a model kit produced by Aurora in the 1960s that stood a whopping 19-inches tall.

Lewis Galoob Toys Catalogue (1967)

Lewis Galoob Toys’ 1967 catalogue reflected an eclectic mix of toys for boys and girls for a company that was continuing to establish a foothold in the toy industry.

Golferino from Hubley (1962)

Released in 1962 by Hubley, Golferino was a 9-hole tabletop miniature golf course molded in high-impact plastic.