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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Vintage Advertising

Remember the toys and games of years past through vintage advertising – for better and for worse!

Fashion Fragrance Darci from Kenner (1981)

Decked out in a glamorous magenta and white leotard with matching wrap-around skirt, Fashion Fragrance Darci came with a small bottle of perfume that allowed smell just like her.

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Sorry! from Parker Brothers (1967)

Released in 1967 from Parker Brothers, Sorry! challenged two to four players to advance their pawns from “start” to “home” faster than everyone else.

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Red Baron Model Kit from Monogram (1968)

In the late 1960s, Monogram hired car designer Tom Daniel and began to release plastic model hot rods, funny cars, and other custom vehicles.

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The Karate Kid from Remco (1986)

Remco’s The Karate Kid toy line was the official, licensed toy line for the movie franchise of the same name.

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Poochie from Mattel (1983)

Released in 1983 by Mattel, Poochie was a plush stuffed animal with sassitude.

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Knock-Off! from Kenner (1969)

Released in 1969 from Kenner Knock-off was touted as a game of “fast, unpredictable action.”

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Mystery Maze from Marx (1976)

Released in 1976 from Marx, Mystery Maze was advertised as “the inscrutable game of skill and luck.”

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The Wing Thing from Gilbert Toys (1963)

In 1963, Gilbert released The Wing Thing, an “all-weather flying vehicle” that stood a whopping 36-inches long by 48-inches wide.

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