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Lincoln Monsters Wave 1 from Lincoln Monsters

Absolutely Retro has joined forces with Plaid Stallions and White Elephant Toyz to resurrect a classic brand of affordable action figures. Drawing inspiration from legendary toy company Lincoln International, the new Lincoln Monsters assortment combines an appreciation for dime-store toys with the low-budget monster movies of the 1950s through ’70s.

Initially introduced in 1975, Lincoln International produced a popular series of knock-off figures inspired by iconic movie monsters like Frankenstein and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Although regarded by many as nothing more than a cheap carbon copy of the popular Mego figures of the time, these eight-inch offerings have gained significant traction among fans and collectors over the last few years.

The revamped brand reimagines the company as a 1970s third-tier film studio — one capitalizing on the exploitation and emulation of popular trends from that era. Thus, each release under the Lincoln Monsters banner will centre around a fictional movie from the equally imaginary Lincoln International Studios.

In an exclusive conversation with Toy Tales, Brian Heiler of Plaid Stallions shared the genesis of the idea for Lincoln Monsters: “Let’s create characters based on movies we invent that don’t exist.” That led to the creation of Lincoln International Studios, a fictional film studio whose movies would serve as the basis for the toys.

The first wave of figures is based on the fabricated films The Evil Of Count Dracula and The Power Of Frankenstein. While the eight-inch figures take inspiration from the original Lincoln International toys, each comes on an updated Type-S body and features a custom-tailored outfit. The figures will also come in solid box packaging adorned with original artwork by Chris Franklin, each meant to mimic posters from the character’s made-up movies.

Future releases from Lincoln Monsters will include original male and female character from a wide range of genres spanning Science Fiction to Horror and Exploitation. The partners are also teasing that the studio was known to have dabbled in everything from Gothic Horror and Ozsplotation to Philippine Drive-In movies and even Italian rip-offs!

Currently, both the Dracula and Frankenstein figures are available for pre-order through White Elephant Toyz for $29.95 USD each. Additionally, a special Blood-A-Rama Shock Festival 2-Pack containing both figures is available for pre-order at $54.95 USD. Each pre-order will also receive an exclusive Lincoln “Monster Club” kit while supplies last. They are expected to begin shipping out sometime this spring.

Are you excited to witness the resurgence of these retro monsters?

Company: Lincoln Monsters | Available: Summer 2024 | Where to Buy: Lincoln Monsters Pre-Orders | Price: starting at $29.95 USD