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Explore classic toys and games that captured our attention and never let go.

Cassette Movie Projector from Kenner (1973)

For budding cinephiles in the 1960s & '70s, Kenner rolled out a whole host of toys for watching movies and cartoons of popular characters of the day. One of the more short-lived and quirky toy lines was the Cassette Movie Projector.
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Pony Plates from Tomy (1982)

Yee-haw! In 1982, Tomy released Pony Plates, a Western-themed variant on its popular Fashion Plates design kit. Children ages 6 and up could create personalized ranch scenes complete with horses, barns, and wilderness landscapes.
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Midgetoy (1946-1982)

In 1943, brothers Alvin and Earl Herdklotz established the A & E Tool and Gage Co. in Rockford, Illinois as a defense-based precision tool-and-die business. After World War II, focus shifted primarily to toy making. Operating under the name Midgetoy, the company began to produce basic, smaller-scale die-cast vehicles and airplanes at low price points.
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Play ‘N Learn Computer from Playskool (1972)

In the 1970s, creativity met “Big Iron” in the Play ‘N Learn Computer from Playskool. Patterned after mainframe computers in use at the time, the toy was helped children with basic math, spelling, and matching skills.
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