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Toy Hunting: Five LEGO Holy Grails

Collecting toys can be a wild ride, with various factors unpredictably affecting a toy's value. But LEGO products are historically reliable, climbing in value year after year, thanks in part to the company's practice of retiring sets after about two years. Check out these five LEGO sets that stand out as collectors' Holy Grails.
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Mouse Trap from Ideal (1963)

Released in 1963 by Ideal, and designed by Marvin Glass & Associates, Mouse Trap was one of the first mass-produced, three-dimensional board games.
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Moon Blast Off from Schaper (1970)

Designed by Marvin Glass & Associates and released by Schaper in 1970, the Moon Blast Off game is set on the moon's surface, and players race to return their astronauts to Earth.
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Tic-Toy Clock from Hubley (1959)

Released in 1959 by Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Hubley the Tic-Toy Clock was lauded by Science & Mechanics magazine with a Merit Award as one of the best toys of 1959.
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