Vintage Toys & Games

Explore classic toys and games that captured our attention and never let go.

Blue Streak Freight Train from Lionel (1973)

Released in 1973, the Blue Streak Freight Train set from Lionel is one example of why Lionel Trains were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2006. These comprehensive train sets remain popular with collectors and train enthusiasts to this day.
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Simon from Milton Bradley (1978)

On May 15, 1978, bell bottoms, strobe lights, disco music, and electronic gaming collided at popular New York City nightclub Studio 54 for the midnight release party of Milton Bradley’s Simon.
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Tiger Island from Ideal (1966)

With a player experience that clearly pays homage to B-grade horror films of the 1950s, Ideal’s Tiger Island game makes me wish I had been privy to the conversations of the product design team that released it back in 1966.
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Then & Now: Big Wheel

Growing up in rural Massachusetts in the ’70s and ’80s, the Big Wheel was a big deal. On my street this toy “low-rider” with a huge front wheel was a status symbol that afforded the rider street cred.
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Nothing Else is Silly Putty!

The phrase “solid liquid” is a textbook example of an oxymoron. It is also an apt description of Silly Putty, the ubiquitous “blob of goop” that has, for almost 65 years, provided countless hours of entertainment to millions of adults and children.
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