Arizona Doll and Toy Museum – Glendale, Arizona

The Arizona Doll and Toy Museum in Glendale, Arizona, offers visitors a mix of vintage dolls and toys alongside contemporary playthings. Originally founded in downtown Phoenix in 1987, the museum moved to Glendale’s Catlin Court Historic Retail District location in 2014.

The museum’s doll collection dates back to the 1800s and features dolls of various types and sizes, including celluloid, composition, porcelain, vinyl, wood, and wax. Modern dolls include GI Joe and Star Wars action figures. A series of dollhouses and dioramas, including multi-room houses in Victorian and Empire styles, are also displayed. An exhibit depicting an authentic schoolroom from 1912 with antique dolls as students rounds out the viewing experience.

Group tours are available and a gift shop with various dolls, toys, and accessories for sale is also onsite.

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