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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Collector Spotlight

Uncover objects of play through the eyes of collectors.

Collector Spotlight: Bob Molta

Bob Molta collects slot cars. Here, he tells Toy Tales about his love of collecting and how it evolved into a business.

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Collector Spotlight: Jim Garbaczewski

Jim Garbaczewski collects Hot Wheels vehicles. Here, he shares his start as a collector and explains why a collection isn’t likely to make money.

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Collector Spotlight: Andrea Katelnikoff

Andrea Katelnikoff collects Barbie dolls and related items. Here, she explains why she started collecting and what keeps her interested in the hobby.

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Collector Spotlight: Robert Murch

Robert Murch collects talking boards. Here, the Ouija’storian and collector shares his history with the often misunderstood spiritual tool and explains his theory on what happens when people use talking boards.

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Collector Spotlight: Jonathan Perry Waters

Jonathan Perry Waters collects metal toy soldiers. He talks about the origins of his hobby and the role his sons played in helping him earn a Guinness World Record.

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Collector Spotlight: Matt Oldweiler

Matt Oldweiler collects Garbage Pail Kids memorabilia. He shares his motivation for collecting and explains why it’s important to enjoy the collecting process.

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Collector Spotlight: Rebecca Kilbreath

Rebecca Kilbreath collects View-Master viewers and reels. In this Collector Spotlight, she shares the social media platform that has enriched her life as a collector and reveals which reels she considers to be Holy Grails for collectors.

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Collector Spotlight: Jamie Reigle

Jamie Reigle collects Superman memorabilia. He talks about his vast collection and shares details about the one-of-a-kind item he holds close to his heart.

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Collector Spotlight: Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith collects vintage Wonder Woman memorabilia. She explains her fondness for the Amazonian princess and why she started collecting.

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Collector Spotlight: Eric Jaskolka

Eric Jaskolka holds the Guinness World Record for largest X-Men collection. He talks to Toy Tales about his start as a collector and explains why he’s drawn to X-Men.

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Collector Spotlight: Allen Chiang

Allen Chiang collects and refurbishes vintage vacuum tube radios. He explains the allure of analogue radios and shares a warning with other collectors.

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Collector Spotlight: Laurence Sheinman

Laurence Sheinman collects Bugs Bunny memorabilia. He discusses the unique origins of his collection and the one item that got away.

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Collector Spotlight: Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith collects vintage cardboard ephemera. He talked to Toy Tales about the impetus behind his collection and the inherent challenge of collecting such a wide variety of objects.

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Collector Spotlight: Walter Krueger

Walter Krueger owns what could be the largest private Wizard of Oz collection in the world. Walter talks about his lifelong admiration of the classic tale and his plans for sharing his collection with other enthusiasts.

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Collector Spotlight: Bob Bretall

Bob Bretall holds the Guinness World Record for the largest comic collection. Bob talks about his introduction to comic books and explains while he will never disclose the monetary value of his massive collection.

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Collector Spotlight: Neil Scallan

Neil Scallan holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Monopoly boards. Neil shares highlights of his collection with Toy Tales and explains why he started collecting the iconic game.

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Collector Spotlight: Peter Trott

Peter Trott was fascinated by Doctor Who the first time he watched Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, on the BBC science fiction series. Peter talks about his adventures in collecting and gives insight into what Tom Baker is like in person.

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Collector Spotlight: Nick Prueher

Nick Prueher’s fondness for obscure VHS videotapes led him to co-found VCR Party Live! and the Found Footage Festival with his childhood friend and fellow videotape collector Joe Pickett. Nick talks about his collection and reveals the story behind one of their most treasured acquisitions.

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