Vintage Toys & Games

Whiplash from Lakeside (1966)

Released in 1966, Whiplash was a double-action Skee-Ball game for two players from Lakeside.

Popeye Bubble Set from Transogram

Popeye Bubble Set from Transogram (1936)

Released by Transogram in 1936, the Popeye Bubble Set capitalized on the popularity of the Popeye character while offering children the thrill of blowing soap bubbles through a sailor’s pipe.

South Bend Toy Manufacturing Company

From croquet sets to wicker prams, dollhouses, and electronic toys, South Bend Toy Manufacturing Company was known for its ability to pivot to meet the changing world.

Poochie from Mattel (1983)

Released in 1983 by Mattel, Poochie was a plush stuffed animal with sassitude.

Skill-It – The Frying Pan Maze from Milton Bradley (1966)

Released in 1966, Skill-It – The Frying Pan Maze was both a play on words and a skill-testing game from Milton Bradley.

Coney Island Penny Machine from Remco (1959)

Released in 1959 by Remco, the Coney Island Penny Machine was a desktop version of the claw machines routinely found in arcades, traveling carnivals, and state fairs.

Rubik;s Cube 3D Puzzles

Fifty Years of Rubik’s Cube and Earlier Brain Teasers

Nicolas Ricketts of The Strong spotlights the Rubik’s Cube and three brain-teasing predecessors.

Pretzel, the Pickup Pooch from Transogram (1963)

In 1963, Transogram released Pretzel, a mechanical pet capable of playing a rudimentary form of fetch.