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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Profiles of Ingenuity

Gain a deeper understanding of the characters – real and fictional – responsible for so many fond childhood memories.

Pressman Toy Corporation

Pressman Toy Corporation of Texas evolved from modest beginnings to become the third-largest manufacturer of games and toys in the United States.

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Transogram – Inspiring Family Game Nights

Manhattan-based Transogram produced toys and games – many of them based on licensed popular characters – that inspired family game nights and created lasting memories.

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Jack Friedman: Toy Titan

Jack Friedman worked his way up in the toy industry to become one of the early adopters of licencing existing franchises to create best-selling toys.

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Denys Fisher: Engineering Play

Denys Fisher’s lifelong passion for math and engineering led to his creating one of the world’s most popular toys, Spirograph.

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Pedro Flores: Craze Maker

Pedro Flores left the Philippines and lived the true American Dream thanks to his invention of the Yo-yo!

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Jim Henson: Puppet Master

Jim Henson was a television pioneer and innovative visual artist who raised puppeteering to a new art form.

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Louis Marx: Playtime Reinvented

Louis Marx was once referred to as “the Henry Ford of the toy industry”. He was a toy tycoon from the 1920s into the 1970s whose toys elevated playtime and inspired creativity in children around the world.

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Joshua Lionel Cowen: Fast Track to Success

Cowen applied his talent for engineering and innate curiosity to create model trains that captured the attention of rail enthusiasts for generations.

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Ernő Rubik: STEM Pioneer

Ernő Rubik evolved his idea for a simple teaching tool into an international bestselling exercise in frustration and triumph.

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A.C. Gilbert: Master of Innovation

A.C. Gilbert left a promising career in medicine to create toy kits that inspired generations of engineers, scientists, and tinkerers.

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George S. Parker: Game Changer

George S. Parker was one of the most prolific individual inventors in toy- and game-industry history and the force behind Parker Brothers, a pioneering toy and game manufacturer.

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Charles S. Raizen: Patterning Playtime

Charles S. Raizen invented a new way to transfer patterns through friction, creating a new niche and earning his place in toy-industry history.

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Rod Serling: Altering Realities

Rod Serling’s radio and television productions are steeped in intrigue. As screenwriter, producer, host, and narrator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling challenged television audiences to open their minds to new realities and break free of social conventions.

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