Profiles of Ingenuity

Gain a deeper understanding of the characters – real and fictional – responsible for so many fond childhood memories.

George S. Parker: Game Changer

George S. Parker was one of the most prolific individual inventors in toy- and game-industry history and the force behind Parker Brothers, a pioneering toy and game manufacturer.
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Rod Serling: Altering Realities

Rod Serling’s radio and television productions are steeped in intrigue. As screenwriter, producer, host, and narrator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling challenged television audiences to open their minds to new realities and break free of social conventions.
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Scrabble: Squaring-off Family Game Night

Scrabble - the classic word game for two to four players - combined two concepts in a unique way. It's both jigsaw puzzle and board game - an innovation that was perhaps a barrier to success in the game's early days. Modern audiences, though, have embraced the game through its various evolving forms.
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Wham-O: Icons of Outdoor Play

Great toys have an indelible impact on the memories of children. While many manufacturers are lucky to produce just one such toy. Wham-O is one of the few to have consistently turned out hit after hit.
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Beatrice Alexander: Creating an Industry

Beatrice Alexander elevated the craft of doll making in the United States and around the world. Crowned the "First Lady of Dolls" by FAO Schwarz, her dolls are highly valued by collectors and museums alike.
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Louis Marx: Playtime Reinvented

Louis Marx was once referred to as "the Henry Ford of the toy industry". He was a toy tycoon from the 1920s into the 1970s whose toys elevated playtime and inspired creativity in children around the world.
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