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Don’t Spill the Beans from Schaper (1967)

Company: Schaper | Release date: 1967 | # of players: 2+ | Where to purchase: eBay

“Two can play it, so can four. You’ve never had such fun before.”

Published by Schaper in 1967, Don’t Spill the Beans was a family-friendly game that challenged players to not “spill the beans” from an unsteady bean pot.


The object of the game was to be the first player to get rid of all their beans.

The beans were distributed equally amongst two to four players. With the bean pot balanced on the base, each player took a turn adding a bean to the pot top. A lid placed atop the pot provided a shallow recessed area on which to place the beans. This mechanism quickened the game and reduced the number of beans required to play. The pot also served as storage for the beans when the game was not in use, with the lid helping to prevent the beans from spilling into the box.

As beans accumulated in the pot during play, the risk of the pot tipping increased. Once the pot became unbalanced, it tipped over and dumped all the beans. The player responsible for tipping the pot added the collection of beans to their pile, making ultimate victory seem unattainable.

A new round of the game began and players again took turns placing their beans. Beans were gained and lost over the rounds. The first to rid themselves of all their beans won the game.


A complete game included the plastic game base, bean pot with lid, four trays, and a package of beans. Instructions were printed inside the box top.


Founded in 1949 by William Herbert Schaper of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, Schaper remains popular with collectors who fondly remember classic toys and games such as Put and Take (1956), Bango! Bango! (1963), Ants in the Pants (1969), Moon Blast Off (1970), U-Drive-It (1974), Super Jocks (1976), and others. Schaper ceased business in 1987, but some of its games live on thanks to Hasbro, which acquired the rights to publish a selection of Schaper games from Tyco (a division of Mattel at that time).

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