Bango! Bango! from Schaper (1963)

Release date: 1963 | Ages: All ages | # of players: | Where to purchase: eBay

“Loads of fun, completely different.”

Released in 1963 by Schaper, Bango! Bango! is a manual dexterity game with a uniquely shaped game board.

The molded plastic playing surface is H-shaped featuring a series of interior and exterior ramps. Twelve marbles (six white, six red) are loaded into the outside ramps, and each player chooses a side.


At the word “GO,” players attempt to move all their marbles into the center ramp by striking the outside of the plastic casing with their Bango sticks. Tapping a marble properly requires a deft touch and the ability to drown out the noise generated by the competing plastic mallets. Hitting the game board with too much or too little force results in the marble rolling back to the starting position.

Once a player has successfully moved all their marbles to the inside ramp, a plastic arrow at the center of the board pops up to declare the winner.


A complete Bango! Bango! game includes an H-shaped game board with 12 marbles and two wooden Bango sticks with plastic knobs attached at one end. Directions for the game are printed on the inside of the box cover.

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