Super Jocks from Schaper (1976)

Company: Schaper | Release date: 1976 | Ages: 6+ | Where to purchase: eBay

In the mid-1970s, Schaper released a series of sports action games called Super Jocks.

Standing approximately 12-inches tall, each Super Jock figure was made of heavy-duty plastic engineered to withstand the rigours of repetitive play. They wore brightly coloured uniforms designed to resemble those typically worn by sports professionals. A series of decorative stickers completed each look.

Players aged 6 and up animated their Super Jocks by forcefully pressing down on the top of their heads/helmets. That aggressive move activated a spring/lever mechanism that caused the figure to execute a common sports move such as hitting, shooting, throwing a ball, or slapping a puck.

Schaper integrated a game component into each SuperJock set. In addition to practicing sports skills solo, players could also compete against each other to score points. Game play mimicked the timing and organization of the sport being played with the player with the highest score declared the winner.

Schaper released five Super Jocks in the series: Super Toe (Football), Super Stick (Hockey), Super Touch (Basketball), Super Jock (Baseball), and Super Kick (Soccer).  The company sold the Super Jock line to Milton Bradley in the late 1980s, which re-issued the Football and Basketball sets to a new generation of young sports fans.

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