Vintage Tabletop Games
Blockhead, Vintage Game, Parker Brothers

Blockhead! from Parker Brothers (1975)

Released by Milton Bradley in 1975, the Blockhead! stacking game incorporated spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and steady nerves to construct a tower of colourful blocks.

Johnny Express from Topper Toys (1965)

In 1965, Topper Toys released Johnny Express, a modular line of battery-operated, remote-controlled trucks and accessories designed to simulate their full-sized counterparts.

Slime Monster Game from Mattel (1977)

In Mattel’s Slime Monster, players competed against each other to defeat a creature that invaded a town and oozed the green, viscous compound.

77 Sunset Strip from Lowell Toy Mfg. (1960)

The roll-and-move game was positioned as a hipper version of Clue and a reflection of the TV series’ swinging, martini-drinking, sports car-driving style.

Terrytoons Mighty Mouse from Milton Bradley (1978)

Published in 1978 by Milton Bradley, the Terrytoons Mighty Mouse game pitted the anthropomorphic superhero against the evil Dr. Catenstein in a race to save his girlfriend, Mitzi.

Wacky Races, Milton Bradley

The Wacky Races from Milton Bradley (1969)

Published by Milton Bradley in 1969, The Wacky Races game involved players traversing an illustrated countryside in flamboyant automobiles attempting to race past their opponents for the win.

Tickle Bee from Schaper (1956)

Published by Schaper in 1956, Tickle Bee was a manual dexterity game that challenged children to move a magnetic bee around a maze using a magnetic wand.

Kar-Zoom from Whitman (1964)

Released in 1964, Kar-Zoom from Whitman was a dexterity game that challenged players to score points by “racing their car” through a series of underpasses.

Vintage Board Games

Beyond the Mainstream: Alternatives to Your Favorite Board Games

Nicolas Ricketts recommends lesser-known board games based on popular counterparts.

Knock Out from Milton Bradley (1978)

Released in 1978, Milton Bradley’s Knock Out challenged players to outwit and outflank their opponent by placing “stoppers” in a hexagonal grid.

Don't Spill the Beans Schaper

Don’t Spill the Beans from Schaper (1967)

Published by Schaper in 1967, Don’t Spill the Beans was a family-friendly game that challenged players not to “spill the beans” from an unsteady bean pot.

Mr. Mad from Ideal (1970)

It was marble mayhem with the 1970 release of Mr. Mad from Ideal.