Put and Take from Schaper (1956)

Company: Schaper | Release date: 1956 | Ages: 5+ | # of players: 2+ | Where to buy: eBay

Released in 1956 by Schaper, the family-friendly Put and Take game allows players to spin and win.

Based on a classic game of chance played as far back as the 1920s, Schaper’s rendition honours the game’s simple play pattern and objective. Players ante chips into a kitty and take turns spinning a multi-sided top. The player who secures the most valuable playing chips and scores all of the required points is declared winner.

At game start, each player is given chips worth a total of 40 points. Three colours of playing chips are used in the game, with the colour indicating the chip’s value: yellow = one point, red = five points, blue = ten points.

Each player places three yellow chips in the pink plastic kitty then take turns spinning the top. When it comes to a complete stop, the current player does as indicated on the side of the top that lands face-up. Depending on the result of a spin, a player may be required to “put” chips into the kitty or “take” chips from it to bolster their stash.

Players are eliminated as they run out of the chips required to complete the directive from their latest top spin. The winning score varies depending on the number of participants, ranging from winning all the chips in a two-player game to 100 points if there are four or more players.

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