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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Top 10 Toy Tales Articles of 2018

2019 is right around the corner – the perfect time for a top-10 list of the most popular articles on Toy Tales in 2018. The list was curated based on Google Analytics and engagement through various social media channels. If you missed them the first time, this is your chance to see what you missed. If you read them before, it’s worth taking another look! Enjoy:

  1. Why Mego Matters
    As iconic toy company Mego returns, we reflect on the impact it had on a generation.
  2. Caravelle Radio Transmitter and Receiver from Remco (1962)
    The Caravelle is an easy-to-assemble transistorized AM radio receiver and transmitter from Remco that allows you to dazzle anyone within a 500-foot radius with your DJ skills and gift for the gab.
  3. Magic 8-Ball from Alabe Crafts (1946)
    With over one million units being sold every year since 2012, the Magic 8-Ball is fairly ubiquitous and continues to be a popular resource for instant “answers” to life’s pressing questions.
  4. Then & Now: The 35-year Evolution of Strawberry Shortcake
    Over the course of 35 years, Strawberry Shortcake has undergone a “fruit-forward makeover” and swapped her bloomers for more fashion-forward couture.
  5. Tinkertoys
    What do you get when you combine a design based on the geometric principles of the Pythagorean theorem, distinctive packaging, and a 100+ year track record? Tinkertoys!
  6. Little People from Fisher-Price (1959)
    Over its 55+-year history, Fisher-Price’s Little People toy line has provided hours of entertainment, met with controversy, and undergone numerous transformations.
  7. Think-a-Tron from Hasbro (1960)
    Released in 1960, Hasbro’s “machine that thinks like a man” was inspired by the mammoth room-filling mainframe computers of its day.
  8. Time Bomb – Milton Bradley (1964)
    Designed by Marvin Glass & Associates and released in 1964 by Milton Bradley, Time Bomb draws inspiration from the children’s game of “Hot Potato” albeit sans musical accompaniment.
  9. Suzy Homemaker Super Safety Oven from Topper Toys (1966)
    Released in 1966 by Topper Toys, the Suzy Homemaker Super Safety Oven was the company’s answer to Kenner’s Easy-Bake Oven.
  10. Little Green Army Men
    Long before their 1995 spy mission in Pixar’s animated hit movie Toy Story, little green army men inspired hours of make-believe war-play for children.