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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Museum of the Moving Image – New York, NY

The Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) is the only museum in the United States devoted to the art, history, and technology of film, television, and digital media industries.

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The Friday Five: Robin Gerber

While Barbie debuted in 1959, the doll’s impact on popular culture is still unfolding to this day. Author Robin Gerber has dedicated significant time researching and writing about the toy doll. With her second Barbie-focused book, Barbie Forever: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy, approaching its release date, she talked to Toy Tales about Barbie’s notable legacy.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Posters Wood Wall Art from BoxLunch

Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy can enjoy some of The Force at home, thanks to Poster Wood Wall Art from specialty retailer BoxLunch, including “one sheet” original movie posters from The New Hope (originally just called Star Wars), The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

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Power Rangers

Dino Rangers was the original working title for Power Rangers.

Model Car & Track

Model Car & Track magazine coincided with the American slot-car racing fad of the 1960s and focused on slot-car racing across all scales and types of cars.

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Happiness from Milton Bradley (1972)

Released in 1972 by Milton Bradley, the Happiness Game is a throwback to the days of flower power and hippie love culture.

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Circus World – Baraboo, Wisconsin

Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin keeps classic American circus traditions alive through live performances, interactive entertainment attractions, and a famed research facility.

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Collector Spotlight: Rebecca Kilbreath

Rebecca Kilbreath collects View-Master viewers and reels. In this Collector Spotlight, she shares the social media platform that has enriched her life as a collector and reveals which reels she considers to be Holy Grails for collectors.

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Lionel Trains with Magne-Traction (1953)

Locomotives equipped with Magne-Traction had driving wheels that were magnetized through the insertion of Alnico magnets in the driving axles.

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The SPIRIT of Games & Gamers

Created in collaboration with the folks that brought zines Sumo and Counter to life, The SPIRIT of Games & Gamers aims to keep analog gaming top-of-mind in an era of electronic play

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The Friday Five: Bill Paxton

Blacked-out windows, video surveillance, and elaborate disguises; toy-industry legend Marvin Glass was an eccentric and highly-private man. Author Bill Paxton uncovers the myths and realities about Glass and his career in his new book A World Without Reality: Inside Marvin Glass’s Toy Vault.

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