Big Bird StoryMagic from Ideal (1986)

“Me, me, wonderful me!”

Dr. Seuss Zoo from Revell (1959)

In 1959, plastic-scale model manufacturer Revell released the Dr. Seuss Zoo, a set of model kits based on the work of children’s author and cartoonist Dr. Seuss.

Monsterizer from Remco (1980)

“Activate the Monsterizer!”

Microscopes from Gilbert Toys (1965)

In 1965, Gilbert re-designed its hands-on microscope kits to include a new, ruggedized, professional look and newer higher-visibility packaging.

Meccano Construction Sets from Meccano (1979)

“Real features. Real fun. That’s today’s Meccano.”

Famous Replicas from Amsco (1961)

Amsco’s Famous Replicas toy line reflected the company’s guiding philosophy that “kids like to play grown-up.”

Nerf Crossbow, Ripsaw, and Secret Shot from Tonka (1995)

“The world is your arcade when you take aim with Nerf.”

Johnny Seven from Topper Toys (1964)

The 1964 Johnny Seven toy line of playsets and facsimiles of military equipment from Topper Toys was marketed exclusively to boys.

Debbie Lawler Daredevil Jump Set from Kenner (1974)

To commemorate the high-flying exploits of daredevil motorcycle jumper, Debbie Lawler, Kenner released a signature Jump Set as part of its Turbo Tower of Power (TTP) line in 1974.

GoBots Command Center from Tonka (1984)

“Enemy GoBot attacking!”

Aurora 1967: The World’s Largest Collection of Scale Model Hobby Kits Catalogue

For almost three decades, Aurora Plastics Corporation was a prolific manufacturer of scale model kits. This 44-page catalog from 1967 highlights the various lines that captivated model makers during the company’s heyday.

Zzzoom•It from Mattel (1971)

“Are you ready for Zzzoom•It? That’s right, Zzzoom•It! A new way to play from Mattel.”