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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Vintage Advertising

Remember the toys and games of years past through vintage advertising – for better and for worse!


If you were looking for help “popping a wheelie” on your Sting Ray bike, the Wheelie-Bar from WHAM-O was your ticket to ride (literally).

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Robot Commando from Ideal

Released in 1961 by the Ideal Toy Company, Robot Commando was a 19-inch tall robot constructed of red, blue, yellow, black and white plastic.

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Space Pilot Helmet

In 1952, Tarco Toys allowed you to “whiz through space” with your very own Space Pilot Helmet.

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Swing Wing from Transogram

The Swing Wing was “a hula hoop for your head” – proof positive that the 1960s were where it was at! Somebody get these kids to a neck specialist stat!

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Masterpiece: The Art Auction Game from Parker Brothers

Which flamboyant bidder did you play? Was it Baron Dietrich von Oberlitzer, “Bitsy” Rich Wong Dobrowski Keyes, Count François du Bonnet, Millicent Friendly, Roxy “Big D” Warrenson of Dallas, TX, or V. Elton Whitehall Esq.?

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Join the Dinky Starfleet

Join the Dinky Starfleet!

In 1976, Dinky Toys produced the first die-cast metal version of the USS Enterprise. This model fired plastic discs and included a plastic shuttle craft.

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Star Wars Death Star Space Station by Kenner

Released in 1978, the Death Star Space Station from Kenner is 20 inches tall and features four floors of action-packed fun, including a laser canon, retractable bridge, detention block, and trash compactor.

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Hot Wheels Grand Prix

“Set up your Hot Wheels Grand Prix today. Then throw out the the challenge. See if Dad can stand the pace.”

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View-Master by GAF

A 1971 commercial for the View-Master by GAF with Henry Fonda and a young Jodie Foster.

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Atari Video Computer System

“We’re Atari. And if someone in your family hasn’t asked for us yet, get ready. They’re going to.”

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Mystery Date by Milton Bradley

When you open the door will your mystery date be a dream or a dud? Dig that catchy jingle!

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The Imposters

“Suddenly a mild mannered street machine changes into nearly a foot of road gobbling racing machine.” They were kind of like Transformers… before Transformers!

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Barbie Dream House by Mattel

A 1960 television commercial for the Barbie Dream House from Mattel. It’s retro-chic!

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Green Machine by Marx

A 1978 television commercial for Louis Marx and Company’s Green Machine. What a ride!

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Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

This two-player action toy featuring dueling robot boxers proved to be a hit for the Marx Toy Company when it was released to the North American market in 1966.

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