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The Holiday Edition

Toy Tales regularly uncovers fantastic items that are perfect for gift-giving and 2017 was a stellar year for creations that captured our attention. To help our readers bypass the mediocre finds to discover the gifts that will make a lasting impression this holiday season, here are the ingenious, creative, memorable, and fun items we've unearthed this year.
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Etch A Sketch FacTOYd
The Etch A Sketch was originally designed to have a joystick in place of the knobs used in the final design.

Scale Auto

Scale Auto is a bi-monthly print and digital magazine devoted to the interests and talents of automotive model hobbyists.
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Star Wars Electronic Battle Command Game from Kenner (1979)

In 1979, Kenner released an electronic, micro-computer game aimed at the growing legion of Star Wars fans. The Electronic Battle Command Game allowed from one to four players to engage in spirited “hyperspace combat”, pitting their X-wing Starfighter against an armada of enemy TIE fighters.
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