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What Does the Cow Say? Farming Board Games

Nicolas Ricketts of The Strong explores three tabletop games that capture the essence of farm life in a family-friendly manner.

Live-n-Learn Play Boot from Matchbox (1977)

Released in 1977 from Matchbox, the Live-n-Learn Play Boot was a playset that encouraged children to create scenarios for a family that lived in a colourful and cozy plastic boot.

Rubber Duckie Billboard
Rubber Duckie, sung by Sesame Street's Ernie character, reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 1970. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children.
I wish I could tell you that the Children's Television Workshop and Sesame Street were thanks to my genius, but it really was a lucky break."
— Joan Ganz Cooney