Saucy Walker Doll from Ideal (1951)

Released in 1951 by Ideal, Saucy Walker was advertised as a new “walking-flirting” counterpart to the company’s popular Toni doll.

Saucy stood either 16- or 22-inches tall and could walk, roll her eyes, turn her head from side to side, sit down, stand up, cry, and sleep. The doll’s pièce de résistance was her SARAN hair, a synthetic fiber that could be washed, combed, and styled. Saucy shipped with SARAN hair in one of four colours: blond, tosca, brunette, and red.

In addition to her hair, Saucy Walker was designed with several distinctive facial features, including blush on both cheeks, full eyelashes, blue eyes, and a red mouth with two teeth.

Saucy Walker remains popular with collectors. Functioning dolls in good condition and the original red and white dress command a premium on the secondary market.