Ad for Ride-It Erector from Gilbert Toys

Ride-It Erector from Gilbert Toys (1965)

“Build and rebuild any of 5 different vehicles you actually ride & steer!”

In 1965, Gilbert Toys released a super-sized Erector set that allowed junior Engineers to build rideable vehicles. Designed by Marvin Glass Associates, the toy was initially set to be released as the Ride-Em Erector Set (as evidenced by their advertisement) before undergoing a slight name change before hitting the market.

Each building kit included over 200 giant parts, including a set of oversized nuts and bolts, a contoured seat, four wheels, a steering wheel, and two special wrenches. Structural components were made of aluminum and steel to adequately support riding activities.

The kit’s detailed instructions included builds for a steerable jeep, tractor, scooter, runabout or sports car. In typical Gilbert fashion, children were also encouraged to build and rebuild their own design variants.