The German company’s brand is on the exceptional quality of its books, toys, and games.

Getting its Footing

Founded 1883 in Germany by Otto Maier, the company’s earliest products included presentation folders and children’s books.=

Ravensburger published its first board game, A Trip Around the World, in 1884.

Game sales provided the financial means to expand Ravensburger offerings to more than 1,000 products in book publishing, instruction manuals, and educational games.

Innovation and Initiative

From the beginning, Ravensburger deftly extended the reach of its brand experience, introducing new lines that never seem to miss:

  • Board Games 1884
  • Children’s Picture Books 1955
  • Puzzles 1964
  • Painting by Numbers Kits 1975
  • Electronic Games 1984
  • Ravensburger Spieleland Amusement Park 1998
  • Puzzle Balls 2004
  • eCommerce 2007
  • The Ravensburger Museum 2010

Brand Expansion

Ravensburger AG continues to expand its presence through product development and acquisitions, such as:

  • Carlit 1970
  • Alga 1983
  • F.X. Schmid 1996
  • Wonder Forge 2013
  • BRIO 2015
  • Thinkfun 2017


Ravensburger has flourished under the leadership of younger Maier generations since tripling sales in the board game market in the 1950s.

Ravensburger toys and games hold awards including:

  • Hase und Igel 1979
  • Enchanted Forest 1981
  • Scotland Yard 1983
  • Top Secret Spies 1986
  • Labyrinth 1991
  • Villainous 2019

The company continues to thrive as a privately owned, family-run venture through constant innovation under a high-quality brand umbrella.