Isolation from Lakeside (1972)

Company: Lakeside | Release date: 1972 | Ages: 8+ | # of players: 2 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The ‘don’t get stranded’ strategy game”

Released in 1972 by Lakeside, Isolation pits two players in a battle to leave one’s opponent isolated on the game board without a move to make.


First, players set the yellow plastic tiles within the spaces allotted on the game board. Once the game is set up, the first player makes their move.

Beginning with pawns situated on the designated starting positions on the board, the game kicks off as one player moves their pawn onto a yellow tile. Pawns can move one space only in any direction as long as there is a tile on which to land. After the move, the player presses down on another tile of their choice. The tile falls from the board, eliminating the space as an option for their opponent to land.

Players take turns moving their pawns and removing tiles. The game ends when a player is left without a tile to jump to. Playing time is approximately 15 minutes.


A complete Isolation game includes one plastic game board, 46 yellow plastic tiles, and two player pawns. Instructions are printed inside the box top.

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