Intercept: The Electronic Search and Destroy Game from Lakeside (1978)

Company: Lakeside | Release date: 1978 | Ages: 8+ | # of players: 2 | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1978 by Lakeside, Intercept: The Electronic Search and Destroy Game is a classic Cold War-era battle game for two players.

Somewhat like Battleship, one player takes on the role of attack pilot while the other acts as defense commander. In 10 moves or fewer, the pilot must maneuver their attack jet across the tracking grid and successfully knock-out the opponent’s airfield. To prevent a successful attack, the commander attempts to pin-point the jet’s position and use surface-to-air missiles to destroy it.

A single 9-volt battery powers a series of lights and sounds that provide audio cues throughout the game, including radar warnings, the launch of surface-to-air missiles, and to signal a direct hit.

Scoring in Intercept is straight-forward. The player pilot scores 100 points for hitting the airbase and 5 points for every row on the tracking grid advanced before being detected. The two players determine the number of rounds of the game to play, with each having an equal number of chances to pilot the attack jet. At the end of the rounds, the player with the highest score wins the game.

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