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Chocolot Candy Maker from Mattel (1979)

Company: Mattel | Release date: 1979 | Ages: 8+ | Where to buy: eBay

Chocolatey fun to melt, mold, and eat!”

Released by Mattel in 1979, the Chocolot Candy Maker let kids play chocolatier with a miniaturized electric confection maker.

The toy was constructed of a yellow plastic base that housed the heating element. A decorative white plastic lattice sign topped the unit. The base offered functions in addition to housing the heating element. A small compartment allowed for the storage of the molds and accessories, while a tiered platform built into the other side of the unit on which the allowed finished chocolates to be displayed (presumably after the unit had cooled).

With the unit plugged into a standard household power outlet, young candy-makers readied their supplies. A small pan was placed on the element and tiny pieces of chocolate were placed into the pan to melt. When the chocolate was sufficiently melted, it was spooned into a mold and placed in the refrigerator to set. Once the chocolate had hardened, the candy could be released from the mold and wrapped in a foil wrapper or eaten by those too eager to save their treats for later.


The toy came with everything needed to create the chocolatey confections: the candy maker with electric heating unit; 12 plastic chocolate molds in the shapes of a horse, butterfly, train, cat, dog, heart, rabbit, Santa Claus, car, motorcycle, plane, and “Love”; chocolate-flavoured candy; two plastic pans; two plastic spoons; 12 foil wrappers; and self-adhesive labels to adorn the toy.

An instruction booklet was included that informed users of the forms of chocolate that could be used with the toy — chocolate chips, a candy bar, and candy kisses. An included mail-order form allowed parents to order parts and accessories.


Electric toys that encouraged kids to mimic the activities of the adults around them took hold of the toy aisle based on the success of Kenner’s Easy-Bake Oven in 1963. Since that time, toys such as the Suzy Homemaker Super Safety Oven from Topper Toys (1966), Junior Chef See-It-Bake Oven from Argo Industries Corp. (1971), Margaret’s Cooking Oven from Nakajima Corporation (1976), and Real Cookin’ Tastybake Oven from Tyco (1988) have enticed children to experiment in making culinary delights of their very own.

Watch a classic commercial for the Chocolot Candy Maker on the Toy Tales YouTube channel.

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