Margaret’s Cooking Oven from Nakajima Corporation (1976)

The popularity of the Easy-Bake Oven in the United States prompted Kenner to introduce the toy into a variety of international markets, including Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Japan also presented a significant enough opportunity for the company to license the product to Nakajima Corporation, one of the country’s top toy manufacturers.

Patterned after the poppy red Betty Crocker Easy-Bake Oven, Nakajima’s Margaret’s Cooking Oven was powered by two 60-watt light bulbs and featured the “Magi-Glass” viewing window just like its stateside counterpart. Notable design differences included a new, branded sticker set and a black, plastic base that connected the toy oven’s legs.

It came with three baking pans, a pan pusher, and a mini-cookbook.

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