Out of This World Vinyl: Science Fiction Recordings

Brian Washington — vinyl collector and commercial artist — shares his favourite science fiction recordings.

Eh, what’s up, doc? A Collection of Bugs Bunny Vinyl Records

Brian Washington — vinyl collector and commercial artist — shares details of the Bugs Bunny records in his collection.

The History and Evolution of Peter Pan Records

Brian Washington — vinyl collector and commercial artist — explores the history and evolution of children’s record label, Peter Pan Records.

Earthquake Tower from Remco (1976)

Advertised as the “world’s tallest playset” at over 5 feet tall, Earthquake Tower from Remco capitalized on the public’s fascination with disaster films in the 1970s.

From Fantastical to Frightful: Halloween Recordings for Everyone

From fantastical to frightful, Brian Washington offers his suggestions for vintage Halloween recordings to please the young and young at heart.

An Early Influence: Children’s Music and Entertainment

Brian Washington reflects on how his first day of kindergarten inspired a life-long love of children’s music.

WKRP in Cincinnati Disk Jockey Control Center from Vanity Fair (1982)

In 1982, Vanity Fair released the WKRP in Cincinnati Disc Jockey Control Center, allowing fans of the T.V. sitcom to channel their inner Dr. Johnny Fever or Venus Flytrap and hone their DJ skills.

Show ‘N Tell from G.E. (1964)

Advertised as a home entertainment center, the Show ‘N Tell was built to resemble a small television set and deftly combined a four-speed phonograph with an 11-inch monitor for slide film viewing.

Instant Replay Record Player from Mattel (1971)

In 1971, Mattel released Instant Replay Record Player, offering sports fans a new way to re-live the “agony and ecstasy” of famous play-by-play moments in sports.

Brian Washington, Vinyl Records

Brian Washington collects vinyl recordings of some of pop culture’s most beloved and memorable childhood stories.

Classic Childhood Vinyl

Join Brian Washington – vinyl collector, writer, commercial artist, composer, and voice artist – as he offers a glimpse of his favourite childhood vinyl.

Close ‘n Play Automatic Phonograph from Kenner (1966)

The popular Close ‘n Play Phonograph from Kenner simplified one of the most challenging aspects of operating a turntable: setting the needle on the record.