Brian Washington Establishes Children’s Record Label

Illustrator, vinyl record collector, and Toy Tales contributor Brian Washington recently announced the formation of Washington Independent Records (WIR).

The record label will produce original and classic songs and stories for children in formats that include seven- and 12-inch 45 EPs, 12-inch LPs, and 12-inch book and record sets. The label’s premier offering is Color Us with Music, a 12-inch LP book and record set featuring eight original musical stories for young listeners and a 32-page companion colouring book.

Washington Independent Records is a long-time dream come true for Washington, who shares, “I was 13 when I came up with the name, and I thought it was fun and unique at the time. It just stayed with me afterwards.” He adds, “I went so far as to create makeshift covers and labels as if they were real.”

The label marries Washington’s love of visual and audio storytelling. As an illustrator, he is well-acquainted with the power of graphics to spark imagination. His fascination with children’s stories told on labels such as the Peter Pan, Golden, Power, and Walt Disney record labels influenced Washington to form his own recording label. As he says, “Children’s music is alive and well, there’s still room for wholesome entertainment.”

In addition to the original musical stories on Color Us with Music, Washington Independent Records plans to release fresh takes on familiar stories such as Peter and the Wolf, Pinocchio, Snow White, On Top of Spaghetti, Do Re Mi, and Puff the Magic Dragon

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Learn more about Washington Independent Records and Color Us with Music on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign concludes on Monday, November 13.