Showboat from Remco (1962)

Company: Remco | Release date: 1962 | Where to purchase: eBay

In 1962, Remco released Showboat, a replica river steamship and theater. Budding child entertainers could to stage their own two-act plays in the whip, which stood a whopping 25-inches long by 14-inches tall. While it was not designed for use in water, a set of rollers allowed it to move across the floor as if navigating down a waterway.

The Showboat stage measured approximately 12-inches in length. Children could choose from four pre-packaged plays: Heidi, Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, and Pinnochio. Each play was written especially for the company in easy-to-read scripts and included pre-cut cardboard sets and a cast of characters with plastic stands.

The sets were fairly detailed, with stage instructions and a series of cardboard backdrops that could be changed to match the story. A built-in curtain could also be raised and lowered as needed.

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