Norman Sas

After a career in the United States Navy, Sas created the first-ever electric tabletop football game that took the market by storm and remained a hit toy for decades.

Bluebird Toys

The British toy company made a name for itself producing tiny toys that encouraged imaginative play.

James R. Becker

James R. Becker was a pioneer in the global toy and game licensing industry with objects of play that resonated with children and adults around the world.


The German company’s brand is based on the exceptional quality of its books, toys, and games.

Iconic Toy Brands on YouTube

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South Bend Toy Manufacturing Company

From croquet sets to wicker prams, dollhouses, and electronic toys, South Bend Toy Manufacturing Company is known for its ability to pivot to meet the changing world.

Frederick August Otto Schwarz

Schwarz left his home in Germany for the United States and established an iconic retail brand that transformed the way retailers connected with consumers.


This German company pivoted from making casket accessories to producing plastic playthings and became one of the country’s most successful toy companies along the way.


ThinkFun rose from obscurity to become a respected game publisher thanks to the tenacity of the founders and its clever brain-challenging games.


Steiff grew from a one-person seamstress business to become a pioneer of plush toys and maker of the highly collectable Teddy Bear.

Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott turned childhood play with wooden building blocks into Jenga, a game that continues to attract board game enthusiasts of all ages almost four decades after its initial release.

Richard T. James and Betty M. James

The couple who created Slinky, one of North America’s most popular toys, saw their personal lives spiral in unexpected directions.