Pressman Toy Corporation

Pressman Toy Corporation of Texas evolved from modest beginnings to become the third-largest manufacturer of games and toys in the United States.


Founded by Jack Pressman in 1922 as J. Pressman & Company.

In 1925, Max Eibitz joined as a partner to manage the burgeoning company’s Brooklyn, NY factory. The two parted ways in 1947 and Pressman brought his wife, Lynn, into the company as Executive Vice President. The company was renamed Pressman Toy Corporation.

Lynn succeeded Jack as President of Pressman Toy Corporation after his death in 1959.

Licensed to Succeed

Licensed to Succeed Pressman licenced characters from Little Orphan Annie, Walt Disney’s Snow White, Dick Tracy, and Dennis the Menace for its products.

More recently, Pressman has looked to The Office, Addams Family, Scooby-Doo, Spider-Man, Modern Family, and other franchises for licensing opportunities.

Greatest Hits

One of Pressman Toy Corporation’s’ first hits was Chinese Checkers. Doctor and Nurse Bags were popular role-play toys that Pressman introduced in the 1950s.

Other memorable toys and games offered by the company include Othello, Pick-Up Sticks, Topple, Jumpin’ Monkeys, Rummikub, Domino Rally, Skill Ball, and Pen Pal Dolls.

Near Misses

Products such as Zathura, Running Charades, and Schampus failed to gain the consumer approval that many Pressman products enjoyed.


Jack and Lynn’s youngest son, James, took over as President of Pressman Toy Company in 1977.

In 2014, Netherlands-based game manufacturer, Goliath Games, purchased the corporation.

The company continues to produce family-oriented games and is now the third-largest game manufacturer in the United States.