Alfred Hitchcock Why Mystery Game from Milton Bradley (1958)

Company: Milton Bradley | Release date: 1958 | Ages: 12+ | # of players: 2 to 4 | Where to purchase: eBay

“It’s a mystery to me.”

Released in 1958 by Milton Bradley, the Alfred Hitchcock Presents Why board game capitalizes on the popularity of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television anthology series that originally aired from 1955 to 1965.

The roll-and-move game challenges players to solve the mystery of what happened to 6 masqueraded party-goers as they left the party and took shelter from a storm in an old house, never to be seen again.


The object of the game is to be the first player to assemble a winning hand. A winning hand may be 1 of 2 options: a ghost (illustrated over 4 separate cards), a weapon (illustrated over 4 separate cards), and 1 motive card; or, the assembly of all 6 cards illustrated with a portrait of Alfred Hitchcock and the single “it’s a mystery to me” card.

Players choose a detective pawn to represent themselves in the game. Cards are distributed to each player and within each room of the haunted house — with the exception of the living room, which serves as the starting point for each player. Pawns move around the board and through the rooms looking for cards to complete their hands. Other rooms include a den, attic, dining room, tower, and 2 bedrooms.

Players collect and discard cards as the game progresses in an effort to assemble a winning hand. Discarded cards are placed face down around the playing board and are available for opponents to pick up during their turns. These cards are considered evidence scattered on the lawn.

The game presents challenges and opportunities as players rely on the roll of the dice for lucky combinations that allow for better plays, a series of “no clue” cards that can block moves, and their own memories to determine where around the board discarded cards were placed that may augment their own hands.


A complete game includes a game board illustrated to resemble a haunted house, 4 detective-inspired player pawns (Sergeant Monday, Charlie Clam, Dick Crazy, and Shylock Bones), 24 ghost cards representing the party-goers dressed as historical figures (Daniel Boone, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Henry VIII, Pocahontas, and Nero), 16 weapon cards (gun, rope, axe, and poison), 6 motive cards (self-defence, robbery, lovers quarrel, jealousy, blackmail, and bribery), 6 Alfred Hitchcock cards, 7 “no clue” cards, 1 “it’s a mystery to me” card, and 2 dice. Instructions are printed on a cardboard insert inside the box.

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