2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual Holiday Gift Guide offers gift ideas for the play enthusiasts in your life. Whether it’s a rousing board game or quiet time spent with a puzzle, we share some of our favourite finds from the past year. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with buying something for yourself. This year has not been easy; you deserve a treat. Permission granted!

Click the name of each item to learn more, including where to purchase.

PAC-Man: The Card Game

Play your favourite 80s video game in analog

Battleship Neon Pop Board Game from Hasbro

A vibrant version of the classic Milton Bradley game first released in 1967

Harry Potter: House Cup Competition from The OP Games

Gather your would-be Wizards for this worker placement strategy game

Scrabble Road Trip Edition

Because flying is so 2019

Keith Haring Jigsaw Puzzle

Test your puzzle-solving skills…and your patience

GUND toys are sold worldwide. Its earliest toys and novelties remain popular with collectors, particularly the plush creations featuring the company’s early signature, a four-circle design.

Rubik’s Edge

A one-layer Rubik’s puzzle for those wanting to build up their skills for the classic Rubik’s Cube

Prime Steam Express MC501 Wooden Model Kit

A model kit that combines two classic objects of play: puzzles and wooden toy trains

LEGO Minifigure Notes

Send these charming cards to your pen pals or frame them for instant art

2020 Star Wars Collection from Hallmark

The Child (aka Baby Yoda) is still a hot commodity

Desktop Minis

The perfect way to pass the time between Zoom calls