2020 Star Wars Collection from Hallmark

This month, Hallmark released its annual Keepsake Dream Book early, offering up a glimpse at some of the seasonal swag that will hit store shelves in advance of the holiday season. The Force is festive with the company’s 2020 Star Wars collection, which includes the first ornaments from the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian and new offerings from A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and The Force Awakens.

Fans can adorn their trees with a 4.8-inch tall ornament of the mysterious Mandalorian himself, complete with his beskar armour, T-visored mask, and blaster pistol. Another decorating option from the show is The Child, aka Baby Yoda. The fan-favourite character comes nestled in his hovering pram transport.

Hallmark is adding two new additions from the original Star Wars movie in 2020. The first is a replica of Luke Skywalker’s X-wing pilot helmet. The second ornament from A New Hope is decidedly darker. It is a recreation of a scene from the movie where Darth Vader used The Force to choke Admiral Motti for his lack of respect for the Sith Lord. Both ornaments require two LR44 batteries, which allow them both to play some iconic dialogue from the movie.

Three new ornaments from the collection honour the 40th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back. They include an all-metal AT-AT transport vehicle, a moss-covered version of Luke Skywalker’s X-wing, straight from the swamps of Dagobah, and a recreation of a famous photo from the set where Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was carrying Carrie Fisher.

And last but not least, we have another version of BB-8 from The Force Awakens. This release includes an extended arm and is also battery powered. Pressing a button on the side of the ornament causes the ornament to emit some of the droid’s iconic sounds from the movie.

The 2020 Star Wars collection is set to start hitting shelves on May 4th with various ornaments being released on a staggered time frame. The set is available from a variety of online retailers, as well as Hallmark’s online store. Prices start at $18.99 USD and up.

Company: Hallmark | Available: October 2020 | Price: $19.99 USD and up