Scrabble Road Trip Edition from Hasbro

With in-country and driving vacations on the rise, Hasbro Gaming is introducing Road Trip Editions of many of its classic games, including Scrabble.

This car-friendly version of the popular crossword game is housed in a portable game case. The built-in grid locks letter tiles in place, making it easier for back-seat gameplay. The playing surface folds in two and includes flip-out word trays, so 2-4 players can save an in-progress game to pick up later.

A new set of Road Trip rules for the game are included, rewarding players with extra points for spelling out objects they see on their journey.

Scrabble Road Trip Edition comes with a game case, 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and instructions. It’s available at a variety of online retailers at a cost of $24.99 USD.

Other games in the Road Trip series include Connect4, Sorry!, Battleship, Clue, and Trouble.

Company: Hasbro Gaming | Available: Now | Price: $24.99 USD