ZZZoom-It from Mattel (1970)

Company: Mattel | Release date: 1970 | Where to purchase: eBay

“Goes in space or any place!”

In 1970, Mattel released ZZZoom-IT, a glorified slingshot designed to resemble an oversized hand-held gun.

Each ZZZoom-It could be loaded with up to six 2½-inch plastic discs that resembled miniature frisbees. Individual discs were launched by pulling back on the arm on the side of the gun until it clicked in place, which created suitable tension on the attached rubber band. Once locked and loaded, kids aimed at their target and pulled the trigger. When a disc was fired, it would spin at a fast pace, allowing for surprisingly accurate targeting.

Each ZZZoom-It included a launcher, six discs, and two rubber bands.


ZZZoom-It came with a printed game and instruction booklet that encouraged users to channel their energy into feats of skill. Games like Saucer Toss, Bounce It, and Bank It were all variations on the same theme — players scored points by firing their discs at intended targets with increasing levels of difficulty.

To take the competition to the next level, Mattel also released the ZZZoom-It Contest Set, which came with two launchers, 20 discs, one bounce box used to redirect discs fired at it, and a four-piece target set.

Each ZZZoom-It disc also doubled as a catcher, allowing for two-player launch and (attempt to) catch sessions.


In 1976, Mattel re-released ZZZoom-It under a new name, Super Shooter. The Super Shooter retained the basic functionality of its predecessor, albeit with a different colour scheme for both the packaging and the toy.


ZZZoom-It sets routinely appear on the secondary market. Sets in used condition still command moderate prices, so expect to pay more for an offering in nearly new or unused condition. Completists should also consider adding the rebranded Super Shooter to their collections.

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