WKRP in Cincinnati Disk Jockey Control Center from Vanity Fair (1982)

Company: Vanity Fair | Release date: 1982 | Where to purchase: eBay

In 1982, Vanity Fair released the WKRP in Cincinnati Disc Jockey Control Center, allowing fans of the T.V. sitcom to channel their inner Dr. Johnny Fever or Venus Flytrap and hone their DJ skills.

The core of the durably constructed 17-inch x 12.5-inch Control Center was a child-safe turntable designed with solid-state circuitry. Thanks to a built-in adapter, the record player could play 44 and 33 ½ records in both mono and stereo. The console contained a single switch that provided power on/off capabilities and volume control. A protective arm rest protected the needle in the tone arm from damage.

To complement the Control Center’s vinyl playing capabilities, Vanity Fair included a “dynamic microphone” with an 8 ½-foot cord. Children could plug it into the system and DJ to their heart’s content as their audio stylings played from the unit’s 4-inch speaker.

Mechanics aside, the Control Center had a vibrant red and yellow colour palette and included a sticker set with WKRP-branding and photos of three of the cast’s stars, Tim Reid, Loni Anderson, and Howard Hesseman. The set included a “From the desk of Dr. Johnny Fever” memo pad (for keeping track of song requests, of course) and a set of flash cards featuring a series of canned scripts for mock radio ads.

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