Twiggy from Milton Bradley (1967)

Company: Milton Bradley | Release date: 1976 | Ages: 8+ | # of players: 2-4 | Where to purchase: eBay

“A Game That Makes Every Girl, Like Twiggy, The Queen of Mod”

The psychedelic ’60s provided the backdrop for the Twiggy board game from Milton Bradley. Released in 1967, it gave players the chance to live like Twiggy — the famed British model and actress who was “The Queen of Mod” in her day.


A classic roll-and-move board game, the object of Twiggy was for players to score points by drawing matching coloured cards from a deck of 48 to complete a large picture of Twiggy in the centre of the board.

Players rolled a single die and moved their pieces around the board, which featured spaces with the model in some of her famous poses and activities. Each visual was complemented with statements that purported to represent Twiggy’s everyday life.

Through actions like “Try on a new outfit”, “Pose for pictures at the airport”, and “Have fun at the discotheque”, players could acquire one or more cards. However, other actions like “Caught in the rain”, “Stop biting your nails”, and “Overslept” were detrimental to the game’s objective.

The game ended when all but one of the board’s 12 centre spaces was covered with matching Twiggy cards. Players scored 3 points for each card placed face up in the center of the board and 1 point for each card in their hand facing up. The player with the highest point total was declared the winner.


A complete game included the game board, 48 cards, a die, and 4 multi-coloured playing pieces (red, yellow, green, yellow) consisting of a plastic stand and a photo of Twiggy. Instructions were printed on the inside cover.

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