TSR Hobbies, Inc. Catalogue (1980)

From 1975-1983, TSR Hobbies, Inc. published fantasy role-playing games. The company is best known for the ongoing development of Dungeons & Dragons, although many of its non-D&D offerings remain fan favourites.

TSR’s 1980 Gateway to Adventure catalogue showcases the company’s entire product line.

At that point in the company’s history, the Dungeons & Dragons line included both Basic and Advanced sets, a growing number of supplements, and the now-iconic Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook, and Monster Manual. Dungeon Masters could also lay their hands on TSR’s Dungeon & Outdoor Geomorphs set, a DM screen-playing aid, and the first self-contained campaign setting for the AD&D game, the World of Greyhawk.

Outside of D&D, TSR also sold a series of rule sets for miniature wargames, a range of board games, and a small library of science fiction games. Our favourites include Boot Hill, a role-playing game set in the Wild West; the two-player sci-fi game, The Awful Green Things from Outer Space; and the classic board game, Dungeon!