Snoopy Personal Care Center from A.R.C. (1986)

Company: A.R.C. | Release date: 1986 | Ages: 7-14 | Where to purchase: eBay

In 1986, A.R.C. released the Snoopy Personal Care Center, a playset adorned with the likenesses of Snoopy and his best friend, Woodstock, — characters created by Charles Schulz as part of the Peanuts comics.

The playset allowed children to mimic the adults in their lives. Personal care — similar to domestic tasks — refers to activities many children discover by observing those around them. In this case, that meant grooming habits cultivated through a playset that included items kids might find on a parent’s bathroom vanity.

The base of the toy was made of moulded red plastic that securely held each component of the playset. The top portion included a round mirror and an illustration of  Snoopy with the words, “You’re so pretty!” written above the character. The top portion of the playset was secured in place by tabs that rested in the base.

A complete 15-piece playset included:

  • a round mirror
  • a play hairdryer with two attachments
  • a hairbrush
  • a comb
  • a pretend lipstick in the colour red
  • four perfume and cosmetic bottles
  • a beauty compact
  • two hair barrettes
  • tabletop vanity and storage case


Snoopy’s Personal Care Center is considered a rare find in any condition. This is a Holy Grail item for many collectors. The set was made almost entirely of plastic, which deteriorates with light exposure over time, and with play. While the 15-piece set gave plenty of play options for children, it makes finding a complete set a rather lofty goal.

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