Matchbox Catalogue (1972)

In 1972, Matchbox diecast vehicles had been available to fans and collectors for 19 years.

The 48-page catalogue showcased the depth of the company’s offerings, starting with the Big M-x line of models that were capable of movement via a Power Activator.

The 1972 lineup of 1-75 models, most of which shipped with the Superfast Wheels that were introduced in 1969, is also featured prominently in this catalogue. More than 18 other pages are dedicated to the Super Kings (trucks, construction vehicles, farm equipment) and Speed Kings (cars, boats, grand prix racers) lines. These large-scale models were twice the size of their 1-75 counterparts.

Matchbox also continued to use Models of Yesteryear to augment its primary lines and pay homage to classic cars from the early to mid-20th century. Finally, a number of playsets and games were also featured, including Carpow!, Steer-n-go, and the Crash boardgame.