Master Caster from Mattel (1979)

Company: Mattel | Release date: 1979 | Ages: 8+ | Where to purchase: eBay

“Mold your own & move ’em out!”

In 1979, Mattel released the Master Caster electric toy set that let children create their own Formula 1-inspired toy cars from melted wax.

Master Caster capitalized on the success of earlier Mattel toys with an internal heating element, such as Thingmaker (1964) and Strange Change Machine (1968).

Children plugged in the Master Caster heating unit, popped a wax pellet into a small smelter, and patiently waited for the wax to melt. Next, the wheel/axle assemblies were placed into the molds and the molds were placed on a tray then slid into the heating unit. Twisting a knob moved internal gears that guided the tray into the unit. Once the mold hit the desired position, the gear mechanism prompted the smelter to tilt and pour the hot wax into the mold. With the wax fully poured, the knob was turned in reverse and the tray slid out.

When the wax had cooled and set, the cars could be removed from the molds and embellished with the included decals. No painting was required.

A complete set included a fully assembled heating unit with power cord and plug; 5 car molds; wheel/axle assemblies; plastic trays; crystalline wax compound pellets in blue, red, and yellow; and a decal sheet. An instruction booklet was also included.

Master Caster Refill Paks to create 12 cars were also available for purchase. The refill kits contained 24 wheel/axle assemblies and 24 crystalline wax compound pellets. Creative children were also known to use crayons instead of the pellets provided in the box.

Master Caster was not recommended for children under 8 years of age.

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