Frenzy from Marx (1974)

Company: Marx | Release date: 1974 | Ages: 6+ | # of players: 1+ | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1974 by Marx, Frenzy has all the attributes worthy of its name. Advertised as the “pinball balance game”, this game of skill challenges players to guide rolling balls down a series of rails and into scoring channels.

The game is contained within a high-impact, styrene plastic case secured by two legs. Behind the plastic face, six plastic rails, six channels, and six metal balls await the player. First, the balls are positioned in the top slot. Then, a timer releases them one-by-one into the playing field. Using the control dial at the bottom of the game, players attempt to move each ball from rail to rail before the next ball drops. The lower the rail, the higher the score. Patience, a steady hand, and fast reflexes are paramount to success.

Frenzy remained on store shelves for over 5 years. The game was rebooted in 2013 by Poof-Slinky/Ideal under the new name, Frantic Fall.