Erector and Gilbert Toys for ’58 Catalogue

A.C. Gilbert’s 1958 catalogue shows why the company was one of the world’s premiere producers of learning toys. Emphasizing the hands-on, practical nature of many of its product lines, Gilbert coined the phrase, “scientific ‘career-building’ toys”.

Some highlights from the catalogue:

  • New Erector sets packaged in cardboard tubes or steel chests. The Master Builder set contained approximately 37 lbs of parts and allowed children to build a working record player or a giant motorized robot.
  • Upgraded chemistry sets with foamite display trays, added chemicals, and experiments.
  • An Astronomical Telescope and Magic Star Finder with built-in compass and plexiglass reference slides.

Be sure to look for two of our all-time favourite Gilbert products on page 11: the Fun with Electricity and Fun with Puzzles sets.