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Don’t Dump the Daisy from Ideal (1970)

Company: Ideal
Release date: 1970
Ages: 6-12
# of players: 2-4
Where to purchase: eBay

“Place the marbles, one by one…
Balance them all and you have won!”

Straight out of 1970, Don’t Dump the Daisy is an action/dexterity game from Ideal. Two to four players each start the game with ten marbles and, directed by cards, attempt to be the first to place all their marbles on the petals of the game board’s centrepiece, a large, plastic daisy.

The marbles rest in small depressions on each of the flower’s six petals. The stem of the daisy is attached to the base of the board via a spring. Game play is driven by 16 “PUT” or “TAKE” cards, which direct a player to add or remove a given number of marbles from the daisy each turn.

If either placing or removing marbles causes the daisy to tip over, the unlucky player must add the fallen marbles to their supply. The game continues until one player places their last marble on the daisy without causing any others to fall.

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