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Contack from Parker Brothers (1939)

Company: Parker Brothers
Release date: 1939
# of players: 1-7
Where to purchase: eBay

Contack challenges two to seven players to use strategy and math skills to create winning combinations of colours and numbers.

Released by Parker Brothers in 1939, the goal of Contack is to be the first player to use all of their tiles and earn the highest number of points. Inside the hexagon-shaped box are a set of instructions and 36 tri-coloured triangular game pieces (tiles) with three numbers printed at each side. Play begins by turning the tiles upside-down on a table. Players then choose five tiles each and turn them right-side-up. The person with the tile containing the lowest total number combination places that tile in the middle of the table. The person to their left then builds on the original tile by matching colour-to-colour, and either matching numbers (Matching Game ) or creating a multiple of five (Counting Game). Players take turns building on the most recently played tile. If a player is unable to make a valid Contack combination, a new tile must be drawn from the remaining game pieces. If the player is still unable to play, the turn goes to the next player.

Points are awarded and lost with each round. A series of three rounds constitutes a complete game. The player with the highest point score at the end of three rounds wins the game.

Contack also provides two solitaire variants, making it a great option for both family game nights and quiet solo time.

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