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Cinderella from Parker Brothers (1965)

Company: Parker Brothers | Release date: 1965 | Ages: 5-10 | # of players: 2-4 | Where to purchase: eBay

Published by Parker Brothers in 1965, the Cinderella board game used illustrated cards to guide players through a journey to find their lost slipper.


The object of the game was to be the first player claim their slipper and reach the Castle.

Cinderella Cards were stacked facedown at the centre of the board. The cards were illustrated with an outline of Cinderella in her gown on one side and colourful imagery with instructions on where to move on the opposite side. Five slipper cards were place at the top right. These cards featured an outline of a slipper on a pillow with a coloured slipper on the flip side.

Players’ pawns gathered at the start of the board — a space illustrated with a pumpkin. The player selected to start the game took a Cinderella Card from the top of the pile and moved as instructed along the path dotted with red, green, black, blue, and yellow spaces. The next player took their turn, and game play continued in this pattern.

If a player selected a Cinderella Card that instructed them to move forward to a specific coloured space already inhabited by an opponent, the player moved their pawn forward to the next unoccupied space of the same colour. If a player landed by exact count on a space already occupied, that player moved forward to the next unoccupied space of any colour.

Players nearing the end of the path encountered the Slipper Cards. When a player landed on this space, the opponent to the left spread the five Slipper Cards facedown onto the table. The player chose one of the Slipper Cards, hoping to select the one illustrated with the slipper matching the colour of their pawn. If was a match, the player moved forward the remaining spaces to victory. If it was not a match, the player regressed to the nearest pumpkin space to wait for another run at victory.

The first player to find the slipper that fit was crowned Cinderella, granted access to the Castle, and won the game.


A complete game included the game board, four pawns (red, yellow, blue, and green), 28 Cinderella Cards, and five Slipper Cards. Instructions were printed on a cardboard platform inside the box.


The Cinderella board game makes a nice addition to a collection of games based on folk tales, Disney productions, or family-friendly games. The game is appealing for its colourful and whimsical illustrations based on the classic Walt Disney tale. Look for examples of the game that were stored in moderate humidity and away from light to maintain the vibrancy of the game’s printed imagery. Discover more guidance from our collecting community.

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