Blake Wright, Founder and Publisher, TOYCOLLECTR

Blake Wright is the founder and publisher of TOYCOLLECTR, a new print magazine created specifically for collectors of action figures. In this edition of The Friday Five, Blake shares what readers can expect from the magazine and how the publication expands on his popular trilogy of books, Toys That Time Forgot.

Fred Trust, Founder of the Wizard of Oz Museum

Fred Trust is founder of the Wizard of Oz Museum in Cape Canaveral, Florida. In this edition of The Friday Five, Fred shares details of his expansive personal collection of Oz memorabilia and reveals how his childhood in the former Soviet Union sparked an early interest in the classic L. Frank Baum story.

Philippe de Lespinay, Author, Slot Car Dreams

Philippe de Lespinay is the author of Slot Car Dreams, a retrospective of the Golden Age and evolution of slot car racing. In this edition of The Friday Five, Philippe shares how he became a recognized authority on the subject of slot cars and why the book took 10 years to produce.

Bachir Zeroual, Chief Marketing Officer, Tastemaker’s Arcade1Up

Bachir Zeroual is chief marketing officer for Tastemaker’s Arcade1Up. In this edition of The Friday Five, Bachir shares insights about the ever-changing video game market and his thoughts on the next big trend in arcade-style home gaming.

Michael Mingoia, Director of Exhibitions at the Napa Valley Museum

Michael Mingoia is the director of exhibitions at the Napa Valley Museum Yountville in California. In this edition of The Friday Five, Michael shares details of the current exhibition titled DANGEROUS GAMES: Treacherous Toys We Loved As Kids and explains the social function of toys and play.

Christina Nix Lynch, Director of Licensing, King Features Syndicate

Christina Nix Lynch is director of licensing at King Features Syndicate. In this edition of The Friday Five, Christina talks about how the company is reimagining classic characters for new audiences–including Popeye, Olive Oyl, Blondie, and Flash Gordon.

Montana Hoeren, Head of Brand, Hornby

Montana Hoeren is head of brand at Hornby. In this edition of The Friday Five, Montana talks about Hornby: A Model World, a new television series that offers an inside look at all that goes into creating products at the pioneering model railway maker.

The Friday Five: Michael Riley, Chief Brands Officer, WildBrain

Michael Riley is the chief brands officer at WildBrain. In this edition of The Friday Five, Michael shares the media company’s plans for the Strawberry Shortcake brand and explains WildBrain’s approach to reinterpreting beloved classic characters for new audiences.

Doug Putman, Owner, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us Canada

Doug Putman is the new owner of the iconic Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us Canada brands. In this edition of The Friday Five, Putman discusses his personal vision for the stores and shares where he feels business schools fall short when cultivating entrepreneurs.

Kelly Woon, Vice President and General Manager, Funrise

Kelly Woon is vice president and general manager of Canadian operations for Funrise, a California-based toymaker. In this edition of The Friday Five, Kelly offers her observations on the booming collectibles market and imparts advice for those wanting to excel in the toy industry.

Kate Bailey, Curator, Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser exhibit, Victoria and Albert Museum

Kate Bailey is the curator of the Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser exhibit showing now at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In this edition of The Friday Five, Kate shares details of the subterranean exhibit and expounds on the impact these Victorian-era stories and characters continue to have on popular culture. 

David Moffat, Creator, Pig Mania

David Moffat created Pig Mania (now known as Pass the Pigs), a party game that has sold over 37 million copies and been translated into twelve languages since its debut in 1977. In this edition of The Friday Five, Moffat shares the story behind the game’s development and early days of production. He also has words of caution for people wanting to develop their own game ideas.