• Big Bruiser Marx toy truck
  • Big Bruiser Marx toy truck
  • Big Bruiser Marx toy truck
  • Big Bruiser Marx toy truck

Big Bruiser from Marx (1962)

Company: Marx | Release date: 1962 | Ages: 3+ | Where to buy: eBay

Released in the mid-1960s, Big Bruiser from Louis Marx and Company was a toy tow truck with abundant features that presented many opportunities for adventure.

Each element of the metal and plastic truck was ready to address the same roadside mishaps that real-life specialized trucks regularly encountered.


The white exterior of the vehicle resembled a Ford C-series truck and sat atop a metal chassis. For added realism, the words “Super Highway Service Inc.” adorned the sides of the truck bed, “SHS” appeared on the cab doors, and “Big Bruiser” was printed in large letters above the grill. Several features set the toy apart from others on the market at the time, including a red beacon atop the cab’s exterior that illuminated when the toy was powered up. It also featured side-view mirrors, windshield wipers, and chrome wheels with black tires marked with “Louis Marx & Co”.


“24 Hour Duty Call Union Z-2617” was moulded into the exterior side of the truck bed, which had several operational features. These included a red control lever that motioned the truck forward and back and a towing assembly including hoist and winch with extendable/retractable rope and a hook stamped with the Marx logo. The truck bed also came equipped with a toolbox with two hinged doors and a Caution/Slow sign that flipped down from the rear.


The moulded red-plastic interior cab contained two bucket seats, a console, brake and gas pedals, textured floor mats, and a steering wheel.


Various accessories extended the Big Bruiser’s play patterns, central of which was a pick-up truck with damaged fender and flat tire obviously in need of towing. Other accessories included a spare fender, spare tire, and tools: a jack, hammer, wrench, and lever to hand-crank the winch.


Beyond the wear and tear a beloved toy with plastic components experienced during its heyday, Big Bruiser also fell victim to its power source — batteries. Well-meaning adults and inexperienced collectors occasionally neglected to remove the four D-cell batteries before storing the toy for future admiration. Leaky batteries or a rusted compartment may not ruin the toy entirely, but this damage does pose a problem for those looking to acquire a mint example. Before purchasing on the secondary market, check the undercarriage for damage in and around the battery compartment.

Other memorable toys and games from Louis Marx and Company include The Busy Bee Game (1952), Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots (1966), Green Machine (1978), and others.

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