The Busy Bee Game from Marx (1952)

Company: Marx | Release date: 1952 | Ages: 3-11 | # of players: 2-4 | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in the early 1950s by Marx, The Busy Bee Game draws inspiration from the now iconic Game of Cootie, which was produced by Schaper. Instead of building a “Cootie,” Busy Bee players must assemble a three-dimensional bee from a variety of plastic body parts.

The Busy Bee Game package is divided into six sections. Numbered from one to six, each section corresponds to a specific busy bee body part. The part numbers also correspond to numbers on the single die used to play the game.

Each of the two to four players must get the body of the bee first, by rolling a 1. A successful roll garners a free roll of the die to try for the head, with a roll of 2. Both body and head sections must be acquired before a player can move on to gather the other parts of the bee. A complete bee is made up of the aforementioned body and head along with two antennae, one proboscis, and six legs.

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