65 The Year to Go Gilbert! Catalogue

Two years before The A.C. Gilbert Company went out of business in 1967, it released 65 The Year to Go Gilbert, a catalogue promoting its active toy lines. Some highlights from the catalogue included:

  • The company’s popular American Flyer train sets were revamped to include “All Aboard” sets that came fully landscaped and pre-wired via a series of 17-inch square snap-together scenic panels.
  • The Auto-Rama racing line was embellished to include power steering controllers and the need to pit stop in the middle of the race.
  • Four new Erector sets were included, offering between 150 and 450 pieces and a slew of new build ideas.

Gilbert also innovated its various hands-on science kits, including microscopes, Chemlab chemistry sets, and telescopes.

Be sure to check out our favourite “hidden gems” in the catalogue: the Banshee Sound Skates on page 9 and the Ride-em Erector set on page 13.